Hard work is necessary to obtaining many desirable goals in life. Hard work may not be pleasurable or desirable all the time. When you forgo hard work, problems may arise in the future. This can prevent benefits for both ourselves, and the people we are around in life. Avoiding hard work can promote laziness, which can affect other parts of our lives as well.

It is easy to find evidence of successful people in the world. Every day we turn on the television and we have images of victorious athletes paraded before our eyes. We see daily news reports of triumphant business men and women maneuvering for their next successful investment opportunity. Our movies contain our favorite actors, who often times make more money in a year than some of us will see in a lifetime. The media is ready to show us the end results of these lives, but what they do not show is the making behind this all. To get where they are, all these people had to put forth a lot of hard work and determination.

Hard work is required to obtain goals in life. The goals can be the extravagant, like being a movie star, to the more commonplace, earning your college degree. This range of goals would be impossible to acquire without constant dedication and the willingness to put in a lot of hard work. The goals worth obtaining are rare because few people are willing to undertake them due to the work required.

In our world, whether it is our career field, on the sports team, or in the classroom, we are in a constant state of competition. We are competing for top honors in our classes, for a promotion at work, or for a starting position on the field. To set us apart from the competition, we have to learn to love the pursuit of goals and the hard work involved. If we take the easy path in life, we end up blending in with the crowd, and being looked over when it comes to events such as team selection or job promotion. It is the people who are willing to take the hard path and pursue difficult goals that become successful. Hard work is something to value because people reward others who are willing to put in the effort to accomplish all tasks.

Hard work is not a value which in and of itself is one that we want to have a lot of; too much of it can cause stress, constant tiredness, and can weaken our relationships with our friends and family. It is the worthiness of the goals we are seeking that makes hard work a good value to have. Trying to avoid the required work sometimes can even make us feel like we’ve accomplished less once we have reached a goal in mind.

The old adage goes, “It’s not the destination that matters but the journeyâ€. This can be applied in a slightly different way to the value of hard work. If the goal requires extensive time and energy, it will feel more valuable to us than if the same goal was acquired easily with little effort. While, the goals, or “destinationâ€, might be the same, it is how we go about the journey that makes it worthwhile.

Without hard work, we would not have many of the products, ideas, and advances in technology that we use everyday. The people that pioneered these items had to dedicate a lot of hard work to reach their goals. They surely encountered constant criticism, failures, and the continuous temptation of taking the easy route, foregoing their work. Our world would not be what it is now if we didn’t have people who saw the importance of undergoing hard work. Even our personal goals have an effect on the people around us. Getting a high-paying job because we hunkered down in college can help our family live a better life. It is because of both world-wide and personal implications that cause hard work to become important for both ourselves and other people.