Transforming Nigerian Telecoms through innovative tech solutions, our team has designed, implemented, and reported on cutting-edge research tools and methods. Among our achievements:

- Pioneered on-device metering solutions and real-time data intercept solutions, specifically our proprietary instantsurv technology deployed at airports and customer service points.

- Improved retail data capture for MTN Nigeria (2014-2016) with our homegrown retailmaster solution.

- Deployed the first-ever social media intelligence predictive analytics for MTN Nigeria, contributing to a more strategic, data-driven approach.

- Conducted comprehensive market share research for the telecoms industry in Nigeria from 2012-2017.

- Contributed to the 2015 Nigerian elections by working with The Independent Electoral Commission to create a mobile-aware solution for mobile subscribers.

- Delivered exceptional customer service and coordinated seamless integration of solutions through partnerships with third-party vendors and client IT teams.

- Used both modern and traditional methods for statistical data analysis, improving marketing programs and business solutions, resulting in increased exposure, customer traffic, and sales.

- Performed competitor benchmarking analysis, identifying cost-saving opportunities and potential product enhancements.

- Developed a comprehensive data architecture design for targeted customer analysis and research for MTN Nigeria.

Our expertise in technology and passion for data continue to drive telecom innovation in Nigeria, offering unparalleled results for our clients.

  • Client
  • Budget
  • Duration
    5 years

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